Based on Apache Flink

The STREAMLINE project is built upon the open source project Apache Flink. Apache Flink is a distributed, high performance stream processing framework.

Unified Batch and Stream Processing

A key feature of the STREAMLINE project is to unify batch and stream processing. This is achieved by extending Apache Flink.

Online Machine Learning

STREAMLINE offers modern Online Machine Learning algorithms on distributed systems.

Meeting in Aveiro

Meeting in Aveiro

In order to align the efforts of the STREAMLINE project, the various industrial and research partners have met in Aveiro this February. The overall goal was to discuss the necessary steps to achieve outstanding deliverables in time and solve open

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What our Partners say

Streamline provides data processing and analytic capabilities that clearly extend what is currently available in the market. The close relationship with the associated research entities provides unique business value to Altice Labs

Luis Cortesão Altice Labs

Streamlines provides real-time stream data processing. Easy to use, and helps us to improve our data processing capabilities