The conference Flink Forward is the premier event for dissemination of research and development on the Apache Flink platform. It attracts well over 500 people of core Flink committers, new and experienced users, and thought leaders to share experiences and best practices in stream processing, real-time analytics, event-driven applications, and managing mission-critical Flink deployments in production.

At Flink Forward, participants have the opportunity to hear from experts who have built scalable streaming infrastructure and enterprise-grade applications, view live demos and attend in-depth technical talks on the internals of stream processing technologies. Participants learn how global companies like Google, Yelp, eBay, Alibaba, Uber, American Express, Netflix, Lyft, and Capital One use Flink as the stream processing engine of choice for large-scale stateful applications, including real-time analytics, real-time search and content ranking, fraud/anomaly/threat detection.

This year STREAMLINE was present to present the work done in the project for maximum impact.  STREAMLINE contributed the following sessions:

  • Stream Loops on Flink: Reinventing the wheel for the streaming era
  • Approximate standing queries on Stream Processing
  • How to keep our flock happy with Apache Flink on AWS
  • Efficient Window Aggregation with Stream Slicing

Videos and slides will be published shortly.

All presentations from FlinkForward Berlin 2018 conferences can be found here.

Our Streamline presentations can be found on our Presentations page