Streamline is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. We are an international team working to enhance the European data plattform Apache Flink to handle both stream data and batch data in a unified way. The project includes both research and use cases to validate the results.

Objective 1

To research, design, & develop a massively scalable, robust, and efficient processing platform for data at rest and data in motion in a single system..

Objective 2

To develop a high accuracy, massively scalable data stream-oriented machine learning library based on new algorithms and approximate data structures. 

Objective 3

To provide a unified interactive programming environment that is user-friendly, i.e., easy to deploy in the cloud and validate its success as measured by well-defined KPIs.

Objective 4

To implement a real-time contextualization engine, enabling analytical and predictive models to take real world context into account..

Objective 5

To develop a multi-faceted, effective dissemination of STREAMLINE results to the research, academic, and international community, especially targeting SMEs, developers, data analysts, and the open source community.