The Streamline project continues to attract developers wanting to add streaming expertise to their competence. In conjunction with the ScadsBig Data Competence Centers ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig and BBDC international summer school on Big Data and Machine Learning the second hackathon was held.

The hackathon started out with almost 30 participants. The event started with a quick tutorial on the Streamline platform built on Apache Flink and other frameworks available. Then the challenge was presented. Using the GDEST dataset the task was to, in 24 hours, develop an idea and demo of an application showcasing real-time analytics on streaming data.

At the end six teams finished the challenge and presented their ideas to a jury of streaming experts and Data Science professors. The winning team presented the application “Ring Parable – Analysis of Religious Conflicts and Prejudices” that was both creative, useful and applied streaming data analytics.

Second Streamline hackathon held in Leipzig